Kitchen – only with windows

  • Category: Cooking
  • Published: Sunday, 12 May 2019 14:03
  • Written by Anna
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kithenGuys, You know how much I love my kitchen and also spending my free time there. That's why I think it should be very comfortable and good-looking. That's why, my kitchen is one of the biggest area in my house. There are many colors and of course plants.

I really love fresh herbs and their smell, so I have a lot of flowerpots on my windowsill. I also think that kitchen should have windows. First at all, it is very useful while we are cooking, because then we can get some fresh air into our home and also we can ventilate our kitchen if we accidentally burn something.

flowersI also think that thanks to window it is much lighter in our kitchen and it makes it more comfortable and cozy. It is also useful when we are preparing food with our friends - we have then more natural light and all the food looks much better. I really like spending a lot of time in my kitchen – it's my favourite place in my house. With all that food, fruits on the table and fresh cut flowers. All my friends also really like my kitchen and very often we spend there our time together.